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On 'The Mission of God' by Christopher Wright

C J H Wright, 2006. The Mission of God: Unlocking the Bible's Grand Narrative. Intervarsity Press, Nottingham, UK.

Christopher Wright argues that God has a 'mission' in relation to his creation. He created and saves the world as part of that mission. This book tries to put this across. It is similar to the 'New View' idea that God has a Cosmic Plan, and this pages briefly compares Wright's view with New View. Wright works this idea of the Mission of God out in four main parts:

Christopher Wright's book is a great step forward, collating many important ideas that have been growing. But it is written from a conventional background, with conventional deep presuppositions. As a step, we should begin with it rather than end with it.

Then we can perhaps make sense of what God is doing today in the world, and the warnings He is giving.

This page is offered to God as on-going work in developing a 'New View' in theology that is appropriate to the days that are coming upon us. Comments, queries welcome.

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