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Books etc. Related to This New View

Here are some books that elaborate some points about the New View, or seem in sympathy with it.

'The Mission of God' by Christopher Wright

(C J H Wright, 2006. 'The Mission of God: Unlocking the Bible's Grand Narrative'. Intervarsity Press, Nottingham, UK.)

This is probably the book that most closely parallels the New Vuew. That God has a 'mission', in creating and saving the world, is what this book tries to put across. It is similar to the 'New View' idea that God has a Cosmic Plan, though perhaps is more limited than NewView in regard to the situation beyond redemption. See the brief comparison of Wright's view with New View.

'The Transforming Vision' by Brian Walsh and Richard Middleton

(Brian J Walsh, J Richard Middleton, 1984 'The Transforming Vision; Shaping a Christian World View', Inter Varsity Press, Downers Grove, Illinois USA, ISBN 0-87784-973-0)

A thought-provoking book, it shows what world view is - the deep assumptions we make about the nature of things - and how certain world views have affected the way we have interpreted Scripture (e.g. Matthew 24). It exposes the Modern World View (dualism) and the 'gods' of our age, and suggests how a Biblical World View ("based on creation, acknowledging the fall, transformed by redemption") can work today, especially in intellectual life.

'Creation Regained' by Albert Wolters

(Albert M Wolters, 1985, 'Creation Regained; A Transforming View of the World', Inter-Varsity Press, Leicester UK, ISBN 0-85110-757-5)

Like Transorming Vision, this shows what world view is. It looks in detail at the Biblical World View of creation, fall, redemption, and suggests how this helps us think today.

'Heaven is Not My Home' by Paul Marshall

(Paul Marshall with Lela Gilbert, 1998, 'Heaven is Not My Home; Living in the Now of God's Creation', Word Publishing, Nashville USA, ISBN 0-8499-1471-X)

"With a Bible in his hand, clarity in his mind, and gaity in his heart, the former schoolmate of half the Beatles leads his readers into celebrating with him all the goodness that breaks through all the badness and madness of life in God's world today. ... provocative ... evocative ... instructive ..." (J.I. Packer).

'Heaven ... It's Not the End of the World!' by David Lawrence

(David Lawrence, 1995, 'Heaven ... It's Not the End of the World! The Biblical Promise of a New Earth', Scripture Union, London UK, ISBN 0-86201-050-6)

"Excellent! Readable! Biblical! Pack up your [angel] wings and sell your harp because this important book will challenge just about everything you thought you knew about heaven." (Nick Mercer) - argues that our eternal destiny is a renewed earth, not a spiritual heaven.

'The Screwtape Letters' by C.S. Lewis

(C S Lewis, 1942ff, 'The Screwtape Letters - Letters from a Senior to a Junior Devil' Collins, Fontana)

This classic, fun, thought-provoking work shows what is really important to God, and the New View echoes much of it.

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