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Socioeconomic Paradoxes

Bob Goudzwaard has suggested that our socioeconomic situation in the Western world is characterized by a number of paradoxes, which cannot be resolved by conventional means:

These come from a talk he once gave (2005, WYSOCS). But in Hope in Troubled Times: A New Vision for Confronting Global Crises [Baker Academic, 2007], he examines some of these in more depth and argues that these come from Western society holding an ideology or idolatry, especially the ideology of endless progress.

The reason they cannot be resolved by conventional means is that the faith-aspect that is ideology and idolatry are deeper. They determine and constrain and circumscribe the means we consider using. Take, for example, the problem of climate change: it is clear that we in the affluent world must change our lifestyles, yet this lifestyle itself is one of our idols and so we protect it and hold those who question it to be fatuous heretics not to be listened to or even given media space.

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