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Human Agendas - Political and Personal

We humans are called to shepherd Creation, as God's representatives (See Representing God), not to seek our human agendas. We are called to work with God in the Gospel of Christ in all its dimensions (see below).

Human agendas pervade society's ideas at a deep level, infecting all, though they change over the centuries, agendas of:

(For more on recent agendas, see Bob Goudwzaard's excellent short Idols of Our Time).

When you are a superpower it is the more difficult to resist being sucked into whatever human agendas are current at the time. Unless, your leaders are courageous, committed and humble enough to the Gospel of CHrist to do so, and move towards God's original mandate for human beings. That has only very occasionally happened, and most Christendom, though wearing the name of Christ as a cloak, has in heart followed human agendas - hence I seldom defend Christendom, but only the Gospel of Christ.

The Gospel of Christ is that which, according to the prophecy given to Nebuchadnezzar, collapses the entire edifice of empire and human pride, and replaces it with a mountain of love and humility described in the Beattitudes. It has three dimensions:

That has helped me make sense of a puzzle I had long pondered: how the personal and public-political both work. Individuals do wonderful things against the grain - yet our personal agendas cannot escape the influence of humanity's agendas, whether current or past. Unless one is completely committed to Christ, not just in the first dimension of personal salvation, not just in the second of the Holy Spirit, but also in the third of tsedeq and radah, shepherding the rest of Creation in loving rightness.

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