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Thoughts on Covid-19 Coronavirus

Today, the number of deaths from Covid-19 Coronavirus in the UK jumped from 21 to 35, and the number of confirmed cases, from 1100 to 1400. In Italy yesterday the number of deaths had risen to over 1000. We infect each other with Covid-19 before we show symptoms, so it is spreading and has officially been declared a pandemic.

I wonder whether God is warning us.

In the past, problems have hit Africa and other so-called "developing" nations, but have left us, affluent nations relatively untouched. Especially, environmental and climate problems have been hitting Africa hard with droughts and storms. And yet we, who are the influencers of world policy, have turned a blind eye to these, because they don't affect us. Is it that God warned us, and we ignored the warnings?

That was after the scientists warned of the effects of climate change - and yet many in the affluent world hardened their hearts and refused to listen. (Am I wrong in being reminded of Pharaoh who hardened his heart?) Was God then warning us, via the reasoning ability with which humanity has been created?

The Australian bush fires of early 2020 occurred, far worse than in previous years - and it began to make Australians think. Yet not enough. Was God stepping up the warnings?

Now Covid-19 Coronavirus is occurring - and Europe, part of the affluent world, is now the most badly affected. The travel industry looks like it will be decimated, so does the airline industry, and supply of goods from China (the birthplace of Covid19) are blocked. Many of our politicians and policy-makers and opinion-formers are terrified that the economy will collapse, maybe worse than in 2008. Robert Peston today pointed out that in 2008 it collapsed because of the evil of debt, but now it might be worse because both supply and finance are shaky [BBC Radio 4, News at 1.0 pm, 15 March 2020]. Am I wrong in thinking that affluent over-consumption is also an evil? (see Ezekiel 16:49)

Why has this occurred?

In Scripture I find a pattern, that God's people turn away from God, God warns, people ignore, God sends louder warnings, people harden their hearts, God sends yet louder warnings, people harden their hearts further, then God scatters or exitles the people. Might that pattern be happening today?

I don't believe God 'caused' this, nor that God is 'punishing' us, but rather perhaps God is allowing Creation to operate as it was designed to. What humans do has repercussions. We cannot escape our responsibility. If people are selfish (e.g. flying too much), then it will eventually come back on them even though others might be hurt in the process.

Why has this landed on affluent Europe?

Is it because our affluence has resulted in many flying around the globe unnecessarily, and thus spreading Covid19?

Flying is perhaps the most damaging form of transport there is, most of which is completely unnecessary, but which the affluent use, and those in power protect.

Will we not all have to stand before the Judgement Seat of Christ? Should we not at least take stock, think, listen, repent? Just in case God is indeed warning us?

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