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Environmental Forerunners

We who are forerunners in climate and environmental responsibility and action will suffer. Forerunners usually do.

I do not mean that we will suffer physical abuse, hunger, malnutrition or persecution, as many do, for example in some African countries. We will suffer inconvenience as we try to live responsibly. We might also be ridiculed or have less comfort or pleasures of the transient kind 'enjoyed' by those who are less responsible, but it is inconvenience that we will suffer, for a time.

For example, we opted for an electric car. For several years it was great - except for the nagging worry about whether we have enough charge, and the need to plan our journeys more carefully. Then came the era in which there are more electric cars needing charge, and some of the 'pumps' have "issues reported", and one has to then drive somewhere else for a charge - if one can. Very inconvenient! But we are forerunners and must be willing to suffer that for a time.

Inconvenience is the price we must pay if we are forerunners. Are we willing for that? Or is our commitment to an climate and environmental responsibility only skin deep?

This page, "", is an expression of part of a project to understand the links between climate change, global economy and other matters including society's beliefs and aspirations. It is designed to stimulate thinking and discourse. Comments, queries welcome.

This page is written on behalf of the CCGE Group by Andrew Basden, but the views expressed herein are his and not necessarily those of the other members of the Group. Written on the Amiga with Protext in the style of classic HTML. Copyright (c) Andrew Basden 2008 - present, but you may use this material subject to certain conditions.

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