So now, God has ranged before him all those who took part in the discovery and pioneering of America, especially North America, up to the end of the 19th century. Imagine him seated on his Seat of Final Authority and pronouncing judgement, after all the books of all the lives and doings had been opened for all to see. It might go like this.

"Now, you pioneer Americans hear me. In line with the mandate I laid on all humanity to spread out and manage my creation for its own good, as my stewards and representatives, I opened the way for people who knew most about me - Europeans - to make their way to the great land mass of the Americas. I wanted all the world, human and non-human, to be blessed through the salvation I procured at supreme cost to myself and through life in all its fulness. Full life can only be found in relation to me since I am creator of all - not only for people, but for animals and even plants, indeed all my creation. The 'white men' of Europe were those in the world who had most accepted, understood and benefited from my gospel and my laws, and I wanted all the world to be blessed. So I gave to the Europeans the priviledge of working with me in this venture, and when the time was right let them make their way to America and bring my message with them. I then gave you success as they pioneered across America, so they could bring with them the light of my ways. But you failed.

"There were some of you who faithfully kept, and made known, my ways and my gospel. Early on, for example, some of the Moravian sect brought good knowledge of me. [==== I need other examples here.] Many sought to convey it to the native peoples. And in the beginning those native people welcomed my ways and my salvation. [==== I want examples of this, especially revivals.] Many of them saw the truth of it, and turned to me, even though their culture was different from yours.

"My plan was that those native peoples to transform their culture, ridding it of idolatry and superstition and centring it on me, on he who is both fully human and fully divine, the Anointed Saviour, Jesus Christ. Everything in all creation is to come together in fulfilment in him and is to be his inheritance. That includes the culture and way of life of native Americans.

"Their culture - what they had truly learned about my creation - would then be a blessing to the world, and indeed would return blessing to Europe from where my messengers first came to them. I gave you the 'white men' - both the first incomers and those who later populated America - the priviledge of being part of this great work. You would have benefited from the understanding of living with my natural creation that the native peoples had discovered.

"But it never happened, and you never received it. Most of you 'white men' turned the native peoples away from me rather than bringing them to me, because you dishonoured me in front of them and made my name a thing to be hated by them. (Even then many native peoples clung to me.) Godless men came like flies, grabbing land and gold for themselves. They cared not for the land nor for the people. They wanted land, gold, riches and adventure for themselves and their families. Many were law-abiding, many were law- breakers, many imposed their own laws; but they were godless, arrogant, selfish idolaters. So they became cruel and hard. And they started using me for their own ends.

"You drove them from the lands they had tended, treated them with harshness and arrogance, destroyed what they had built up, herded those into worthless unproductive land who most depended on the land, and robbed them of the rich land that was their home. I had allowed the Europeans to discover technological and organisational powers that gave you an immense advantage over the native people. You misused those powers to destroy, rather than used them to bless.

"Many of you who bore the label 'Christian' I hold to account. You tried to make the native peoples 'as the white man' instead of respecting their own way of life as it could have been in me. Attending only to your own interests, your own battles, your own prosperity, your own reputation, you found the native peoples inconvenient and troublesome. You condoned the arrogant actions of the godless men, and turned a blind eye to their cruelties. You made treaties with the native peoples, and then broke those very treaties. Just because you found them troublesome and inconvenient.

"I have always found you humans inconvenient and troublesome - yet I have always loved you, I have always made covenant with you, I have always kept my covenant with you even when it cost me dearly. You should have done the same. You knew full well that in my written communication to humankind it says "Blessed is he who swears to his own hurt and does not change" - yet you changed like leaves every autumn.

"Even those of you who were missionaries to the native peoples and built and ran churches, were often corrupt and partial. You were pleased when Indians came to your services, but you did not protect them, support them, side with them, stick up for them and give your lives for them when the godless men and the distant 'godly' men mistreated them. Like King Saul, you attended more to religious activity, than to obedience to what was really important to me: you overlooked too often the pursuit of real justice, the love of mercy and the humble walk with me. What my prophet Micah said was well known to you, and what I showed you when I visited the earth, yet you refused to acknowledge that and repent and ask me for healing. You would rather stay conformed to the 'white' world that you knew and grew up in, rather than risk having your minds transformed and so come to full knowledge of me that transcends all cultures and grow up in me. You thought, arrogantly and blindly like the Pharisees did 1900 years before, that you knew all there was to know about me and my ways and plans, and did not realise how bound you were by pagan Greek thinking. My gospel let loose among the native peoples would have educated you and freed you, yet you never allowed that to happen.

"To summarise:

"I'm not exonerating the native peoples; I judge them differently and for different things. But none of you 'white Americans' deserve a place in my future and my new creation. I gave you great priviledges yet you chose to misuse them for your own ends and ignore my plans, and you have shown yourselves unworthy of them. Those of you who have availed yourselves of my personal salvation are safe, even if you will have a low place in my kingdom. But most of you have no place in it, and must depart to the Outer Darkness where for ages you will gnash your teeth over the wrong things you did and did knowingly."

Copyright (c) Andrew Basden 1999.

Last updated: 11 July 1999