DRAFT - to be modified after discussion

1. Summary of our position: The causes of credit crunch are the same as the causes of climate change emissions, and the roots of both are spiritual.

2. At least four types of people and their attitudes seem to be implicated in credit crunch:

(In common parlance, we might call these attitudes: idolatry, pride, greed and selfishness.)

3. These four reinforce each other, so that the combination seems too powerful for any one section to resist on their own (even if they had the wish to do so - which is seldom evident). This is because these attitudes distort the way we view things (our 'Weltanschauung'); this is why many in each group failed to see the economic downturn coming.

4. These four seem also implicated in climate change, and for the same reasons. Beginning with us:

5. Also, we can trace how lack of responsibility in each sector towards climate change emissions (CCEs) is what has allowed the global economy to get out of hand:

6. The same attitudes apply to climate change and reinforce each other: selfishness, greed, pride, idolatry. They also distort the way each group sees things, so that all groups are unable to really believe the danger is coming. They too easily dismiss the concerned scientists as mere specialists or even as 'climate alarmists'. So each refuses to take responsibility seriously.

7. The mutually-reinforcing power of the combination, the distorted view of reality and the weakness of wish to resist this power and take responsibility are all spiritual issues. They demand a spiritual solution. It may be that only a spiritual revival (widespread activity of the Holy Spirit of God) has the power to resist this. Only the Spirit of God can change inner attitudes deep down, of selfishness, greed, pride, idolatry in harness, and thus change all sectors in harness.

The CCGE Group.

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